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Magnet Printing

Give your company a creative piece of promotional material with a magnet! Magnets are something that any demographic can use, making them fantastic for any company’s advertising needs. They’re a stress-free way for your company to reach all demographics with ease and to gain that extra bit of revenue that makes it all worthwhile.  When you create a custom magnet with a great printing service, you can also be sure to receive an order that’s high quality and in full color. PrinterPrinting is proud to say that we offer all this and more; all it takes is a quick call or email!

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Magnet Printing Miami

Magnets are a great piece of promotional material. By placing a magnet order for your company, not only can you improve your image with a flattering design, but you can also ensure that your customer sees your advertisement in their very own home! Many families in the Miami area use magnets to hold up different papers on their refrigerators, like calendars and event notices. By giving them a magnet they can use for their own purposes, you create an easy way of making sure your ad is always in your customer’s sight.  

Most Miami companies do all their advertising via brochures, flyers, and other paper goods, but a magnet advertisement can set you above the rest. By getting creative with your advertising mediums and giving your client something they’ll actually use at home, you can earn customer loyalty and a great reputation.  Even months after your magnets have been sent out your consumers will still be using your magnets. Magnet printing is just another great way to promote your company’s image!

Magnet Printing in Miami

The first step of any magnet order is to choose your design, and PrinterPrinting provides a free template so that you can do just that. Our templates and magnets are available in sizes ranging from 2” x 3.5” to as big as 8.5” x 5.5” with everything in between!  Any magnet design will fit beautifully on any of our sizes, glossed over with a UV coating that is water-friendly and shiny. Our magnet stock itself is a thick, premium surface that’ll stick to any metal object it’s put on. You can also customize your order with standard corners, or rounded corners for companies that are looking to put an extra spin on their magnet.

PrinterPrinting produces high quality magnets that soar above the abilities of any other printing service. We have the skills and experience required to make sure your printing order turns out exactly as you expect it to. Not to mention the fact that we have a dedicated team of people who are rooting for the success of your marketing campaigns almost as much as you are, which means we’re always available to answer any questions that you might have about any part of your printing order. Beat your competition’s advertising efforts into the dust by placing an order with us today!