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Booklet Printing

Booklets can be an informative and creative way to present any printed materials. With multiple pages to display information on and tons of space to show what your company’s really about, booklets can definitely be a fantastic way to show your clientele what your company has to offer. Armed with years of experience and the skill in all things printing, PrinterPrinting.com can provide your company with the booklet printing services you need to be successful. When you place your order with us, you’ll be sure that your clients are receiving top-of-the-line materials that’ll impress anyone in Miami.

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  • Booklet Sizes
  • 8" x 9"
  • 8.5" x 5.5"
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • 8.5" x 22"
  • Booklet Coating
  • Aqueous
  • UV Gloss
  • No Coating
  • Booklet Stock
  • 100lb Gloss Cover
  • 100lb Gloss Book
  • Booklet Paper Options
100lb Gloss Cover
  • Thicker Premium Paper Stock
  • 30% Recyclable Paper
  • Colorful and Sleek
100lb Gloss Book
  • Coated For Maximum Quality
  • Soy-Ink Based
  • Thin Premium Paper Stock
  • Booklet Binding Options
Saddle Stiched
  • Securing Loose Printed, Folded and Nested pages
  • Seamless Stiching For A Perfected Appearance
  • Stiched Down The Middle Of The Fold
  • Bookmark Coating Options
UV Coating
  • Protective Gloss Coating
  • Laminate Bonded & Cured With Ultraviolet Light
  • Attractive & Water Resistant
  • Slight Gloss For A Sleek Finish
  • Improves Paper Durability
  • Water-based & Slight Shine
  • Booklet Printing Uses
  • Booklet Printing Information

Booklet Printing Miami

Booklets can be just about anything. From product catalogs to instruction guides, you can fit just about anything into a booklet. PrinterPrinting offers several different sizes that’ll be sure to accommodate any and all of your needs, with styles ranging from 8.5" x 22" to 8" x 9". Our bigger sizes make for a great place to store lots of information alongside any images of your choice, and with full-color images at such affordable prices, it’s not hard to see why so many people have chosen PrinterPrinting for all their marketing and promotional needs.

Once you’ve chosen your booklet size, amount of pages, and design, you can put the finishing touches on your order with coating and paper options. PrinterPrinting offers several options for both coating and stock. For customers looking for a gloss that is resistant to fingerprints and can be matte or waxen, aqueous coating is a great choice. Alternatively, if you’d like something bright and shiny, UV coating might suit your needs better. Either way, PrinterPrinting has both these options. With our vast variety of options, you have everything you need to create a marketing product that looks fantastic!  

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Booklet Printing

Booklets are great for distributing information. Your booklet can be used to fulfill virtually any idea that you may have, whether you’d like to build a newsletter or a contact directory. They’re a great way to communicate to your customers in a way that’s both visually appealing and informative. Not only is this product versatile, but it’s so easy to design, too. They’re perfect for anything you might need to present to your customers, coworkers, or anyone else. If you’re unsure of how you can take your idea and transform it into a finished printed product you’ll love, ask us about our design services. With our easy templates, it’s easy enough to fully plan and design your printing order.

Not many companies in Miami offer the type of services and skills that PrinterPrinting is dedicated to providing. We have the essential design skills to help you work through every step of your order, and our excellent customer service is unmatched. With live assistance available through our website, you’ll never find yourself without the ability to talk to a representative. What’s more, we’ve got tons of options and styles to choose from, no matter what your printing order requires.  It’s not hard to see why so many people have picked PrinterPrinting for their printing needs. Contact us, so we can get started on your booklet printing order today!