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CD Inlay Printing

CD inlays are probably the most important part of any CD; it offers its reader information on the production of the CD, tips and tricks for its use, and sometimes even transcript or lyrics to the audio within the CD. CD inlays can be a valuable place to display essential information for any type of CD. Audiobooks, music, and even study guides can benefit from having a CD inlay that’s informative and appealing. By using a carefully designed CD inlay, any company can ensure that their CD is bound to fulfill its purpose to the best ability possible. At PrinterPrinting, in Miami, we can provide you with the best quality printed products, so your company can put its best foot forward.

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  • 5.9375" X 4.625"
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  • Aqueous Coating
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  • 100lb Gloss Book
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100lb Gloss Book
  • Coated For Maximum Quality
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Aqueous Coating
  • Slight Gloss Coating For A Sleek Finish
  • Improves Durability
  • Water-based With A Slight Shine
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Miami CD Inlay Printing

Uses for CD inlays are endless. By looking through a CD inlay, readers can learn about all of your company’s CD’s details. Your consumers will be able to glimpse at your inlay and instantly have an idea of what’s in store for them just by skimming over it. Aside from the typical track listing, CD inlays can give your customer an idea of what sort of music or audio is inside the disc. Other types of CDs can also benefit from the use of an inlay. When it comes to promotional CDs, cut-out coupons might be the perfect thing to accompany your company’s audio. For educational CDs, tips and tricks on learning each aspect of your CD’s information can be included on the pages of your inlay. The uses for inlays are infinite!

Inlays are unquestionably handy for your customers when it comes to navigating through the disc and getting an idea of what your CD is about, but it can also be great for its time on the shelf. Having an appealing spine for the CD case by making use of the CD inlay will help your consumer identify it while it’s sitting on the shelf. Taking the time to carefully design your inlay will also ensure that your case is distinctive and interesting among all the other CDs on your customer’s shelf. A printing service of excellent repute will make sure that your design is just what you want for your CD inlay; PrinterPrinting is proud to say that we are eager to do just that. We’ll walk you through every potential use of your CD inlay and your design, and if you’re unsure of how to begin creating your company CD inlay, we welcome you to make use of our easy-to-use template or to inquire about our graphic design services.

CD Inlay Printing

The most popular size for CD inlays is 5.9375" x 4.625", correlating with the standard size for CD cases. PrinterPrinting offers this size, paired with 100lb gloss paper to suit any type of inlay you might be creating. We also offer an aqueous coating that, when paired with our 100lb paper, makes for a sturdy, sleek finish that’ll suit any design. With our design skills, you can be sure that your CD inlay will catch the attention of anyone who might pass by it.

Miami is a place of up-and-coming musicians and other audio artists, meaning that nearly everyone is looking to make a CD that not only sounds great, but looks great as well. When you print your CD inlays with PrinterPrinting services, your company is sure to have CD inlays that’ll best the quality of every other artist’s inlays. We offer the outstanding service and excellent quality that’ll maximize your CD inlay order. Just call today to get started!