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How To Downlaod & Use The Printing Templates:

Step 1. Click on the printing template that you desire. All printing templates are either in J-PEG or PSD format. Click ">>" to download.
Step 2. Un-Zip the file.
Step 3. If the printing template is in J-PEG form, use the "with bleed" size at the bottom of the image to create a blank template. Make sure the template is set to 300 DPI resolution and CMYK color mode!! If the printing template is in PSD mode, please ignore steps 3-4.
Step 4. Drag the image onto the blank template you've just created.
Step 5. Create rulers on the guidelines shown. Then delete the image.
Step 6. You are now ready to design! Have fun and be creative! Feel free to call us for any help.